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Bio Image has a full range of imaging hardware to meet all of your needs including auto-calibrating gel scanner, a fluorescent scanner, non-uv illumination, and a chemilluminescent camera.

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Software Products

The Bio Image suite of products includes something for practically all your software needs: the entire range of 1-D capabilities, plus easy-to-use, yet powerful, 2-D, colony counting, and blot analysis.

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Our services are extensive and cover the globe. We pride ourselves in our expert knowledge and are dedicated to one thing only: bringing you the best imaging software and hardware available.

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Bio Image Systems Inc.

Gel Imaging and Analysis Systems Since 1982

From the very start the name Bio Image has meant powerful, yet easy-to-use image analysis systems to thousands in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Best Solutions with High Quality Support

At Bio Image, we understand your needs - whether in QA/QC, methods development, or research - and can provide you not only the best imaging solution possible, but also the high quality support you want. We are proud of our products, and proud of our reputation in the industry.

For us, image analysis isn't just a few products in a catalog of thousands. It is our business. So we won't discontinue products because some bean-counter says to - we know you depend on them, and we maintain them as long as we can. And if you have a software question – no matter how complex - we know the answer, because we write all ours.

Full Range of Imaging Software & Hardware

We have a full range of imaging software and hardware to meet your needs: from Intelligent Quantifier-11, our fully 21 CFR Part-11 compliant 1-D and blot analysis software to Advanced Quantifier and Intelligent Quantifier software; from the Bio-1000F fluorescent scanner to our auto-calibrating 5000+ white light scanner.

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Bio Image Suite of Software Products
1-D capabilities, powerful 2-D, colony counting, and blot analysis.

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